Preparing for Winter

It’s not uncommon during the colder winter months to be met with unexpected surprises such as a burst pipe or excess condensation inside your home. Luckily the weather is still relatively warm but eventually that will change. As the temperature drops and we all get ready for a real blast of winter it’s a good time to remember to take precautions to make sure we don’t run into any unexpected problems.

If this is the time of year that you head south for the winter, be sure to keep your furnace running (even a little) while you are away. If you have the luxury of having a friend or family member close by who can come in and check on your home while you are away, you should make arrangements now. Be sure that all taps are closed so you don’t come home to a messy surprise.

If you haven’t done so already, it’s a good idea to shut off any water valves that supply water to the exterior of your home. When the sub-zero temperatures it’s only a matter of time before you find yourself with a slushy surprise.

While it is cold and dry outside the temptation to keep your home really warm and humid seems like a good idea. Be conscious of excess condensation on windows and window frames. This excess condensation can create an undesirable issue – mold.

If we get a reasonable amount of snow, there is a hidden opportunity to see if your home is losing heat. Take a look at your roof and see if the snow coverage is spread evenly and is similar to your neighbours. If there are bald patches in unexpected areas this could be a sign of heat loss or leaking on your roof.

The most important thing to remember is to prepare for winter before it arrives so you can keep your home safe, healthy and warm.

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