Client Testimonials

I wanted to thank you and your team for the work you did to make our basement safe again. Although learning we had a serious widespread mold problem was not the news we wanted to hear, your diligence in determining which area’s were impacted and explanation as to why the mold was there, how it had spread and what the ensuing remediation work would entail gave us a clear picture of what we were dealing with. Your quote and the following work accurately reflected your assessment and left us with no surprises. The team that did the work were personable yet professional and very discreet. They did not interrupt my day to day activities with two young children at home, but when we did see them at the beginning and end of the day they were friendly and p;olite with the kids and took the time to answer any questions I had. We would highly recommend mold.ca to anyone with a mold problem. Thanks for making us a mold free home!
J. McDonald
Mold.ca recently completed a substantial mold remediation and reconstruction project in our home (2 1/2 weeks; $19,000). There was mold behind some of the walls in three bedrooms, a bathroom, closet and basement cold storage room. Throughout the project, the company demonstrated honesty, integrity and professionalism. They completed the job in a timely manner in a busy family environment. We particularly liked that the same team was assigned throughout and that Gregg checked in with regular verbal progress updates. Mold.ca assured us that they would bring our house back to the way it was, but in our opinion, they made it even better. They made a negative experience as positive as it could possibly be. We hope that no one ever has mold in their home, but if they do, we would refer them to Mold.ca.
L. and E.
North York
Mold.ca was brought to my attention by a colleague at work who had a great experience with them and recommended them after I explained I was finding water and mushrooms growing in my basement. We had just moved into an older home in Leaside last winter, so the heavy rains this past spring were our first experience with the basement’s problems. The house was sold with an inspection report noting the basement had evidence of leaking, but we weren’t expecting mushrooms to be growing inside the house from under the carpets – obviously the problem was serious, and every time it rained this summer I would be anxious things were getting worse. Mold.ca’s inspector came and tested moisture levels and temperature levels throughout the house. As a new homeowner, interested in understanding what’s behind my walls, I really appreciated the approach taken. He walked me through each room, showing me the temperature readings and explaining what looked normal and what looked to be problematic. He clearly set my expectations for what his company would and could do vs. what would need to be handed off to other contractors. He also provided advice with other minor issues he saw around my home, and recommended contractors to do the work, which again I really appreciated as a new home-owner learning for the first time about small things that could create larger problems down the road and who is looking to build a network of trusted contractors. At no time did I feel any pressure to take one course of action or another, just more knowledgeable about the options at hand to deal with my basement problem. To clear the mold, the company was able to come into the home within a few day and set up a containment area, the corner of the house that was leaking was pulled apart systematically (so that only what needed to be taken down was) and the mold found behind my walls was removed safely. I have an infant and pets in the home, so the extra measures taken to ensure no mold spores spread to the rest of the house were reassuring. Their men even lay down floor coverings along their path to prevent any mess inside the home. Because I was curious, I asked if they could take pictures and explain what they found as they completed the work which they were pleased to do. Once the work was completed, the inspector came back to summarize what exactly was done, where the problem was (a terribly installed basement window), and what were good options for moving forward to ensure this part of the house never leaked again. He got me in touch with a waterproofer, and even suggested where I could go to get contractor grade materials if I wanted to tackle some of the minor issues by myself to save costs. All debris was taken away, and they left the work area in a very clean state, ready for the re-build. When I spoke with my work colleague again about the great experience I had, she said my story was very similar to hers. Like her, I would immediately recommend Mold.ca to anyone worried they may have mold issues in their home.
Mark L.
I had several mold problems in my basement and had no idea how to approach the whole issue. I simply did a search for various mold remediation companies and mold.ca responded right away and booked an appointment. Gregg and his team were the most professional, hard working and honest people I have had the pleasure of working with. The level of trust and communication was beyond anything I could have expected. Not only was the work completed thoroughly but the clean up was immaculate. They completed a lot of work within a short period. They will come in for a day to a day and a half but they work so hard to get everything done so that the client is not inconvenienced. Gregg also recommeded trusted contractors from his network that I engaged for reconstruction who ended up being as honest and trustworthy as the mold.ca team. You will be hard pressed to find a better crew to help with your mold remediation.
I will continue to refer mold.ca as I feel you have exceptional service, great employees and work ethics. Your company is very prompt and work is done as discussed. There were absolutely no surprises. I appreciate your honesty and hard work in helping me get rid of the mold in my house. I will definately refer you to anyone in need of mold remediation.
We contacted mold.ca to remove mold which developed on our washroom ceiling from a leak. They were prompt and professional. It was a small job, but they still took all the safety precautions. The ceiling was repaired, the mold removed and all damage patched, and it looked as good as new afterwards. You would not even know they were there to do any work. The cost was not prohibitive either. We recently contacted them for a quote on further work in our house for water damage and they were honest by advising that some flashing repair work would be sufficient. It is appreciated that they did not try to scare us with the worst case scenarios as some remediation contractors would. We would definately recommend this company.
I’d like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank you and your team for ridding my boat of mold. As you know it was a boat that we could not sleep on or spend any amount of time on for risk of developing health problems. I was truly impressed with your company from the first time I met you until the job was done. Your team carried themselves in a very professional manner at all times. I had members of my yacht club come up to me to say how hard the guys worked and how impressed they were. Your guys worked tirelessly and were into the nook and crannies of my boat, and as you know, some areas are difficult to access. It’s been a few months now and I’m happy to report that I’m still mold free, sleeping on the boat, hanging out on the boat, and enjoying the water. It was a pleasure meeting you Gregg. I cannot thank you enough for what you and your team did for my boat. Please pass this on to your guys. I would not hesitate to recommend your company to any of my boater or landlubber friends and colleagues.
Yacht Owner