Shipping Container Mold Removal

Shipping Container Mold Removal

Have you recently received a shipment from overseas and found that the shipping container or cargo is mold contaminated? If this unfortunate situation has happened to you and you are not sure what to do, contact the professionals at to help you determine your options on how to resolve your mold issue and protect your valuable contents. specializes in performing mold inspections, mold testing, preparing recommendations and mold removal  to help you deal with this delicate problem.  The team at have extensive experience dealing with …

  • Shipping container mold removal
  • Shipping crate mold removal
  • Shipping crate mold inspections
  • Cargo shipping mold removal
  • Cargo container mold removal
  • Freight container mold removal

Our certified mold remediation contractors are experienced in providing mold removal and remediation of mold damaged contents in all of the above situations.

Our team has performed assessments for all types of products, spanning from furniture, household goods, mechanical equipment, building supplies, retail clothing and much more.

The specialists are equipped to provide on site containment set up and mold remediation fully equipped with our own team and all the necessary equipment. Our mobile remediation process is designed to be flexible and work within your unique parameters and client needs.  Our team and process is designed to support and work with your team to minimize costs. is fully insured and WSIB compliant.  Proof of insurance and WSIB clearance certificates are available upon request.

Protecting your staff and your investment is our first priority.