Handyman Services

Reconstruction & Handyman Services

It is not uncommon to require the services of a general contractor at the end of a mold remediation project.  In most cases, mold remediation results in the removal of mold contaminated material such as drywall, insulation, flooring, ceilings and in some cases framing.   For those people who were already planning a renovation,  the mold removal project actually helps to create a clean slate for their contractors and are now ahead in their renovation plans.   In other cases, homeowners are suddenly in need of finding a general contractor who help bring the environment back to normal.  Unfortunately, finding a good contractor who is willing to come in to do a small or medium size project can be harder than you think.   The difficulty comes when trying to find a qualified, reputable contractor who is available when you need them.

Our clients are important to us.  To serve our customers better, mold.ca provides reconstruction services for those clients where we have completed a mold remediation project.  Our skilled labourers can provide high quality handyman services such as replacing drywall, framing and insulation, installing sub-floors and flooring.  Since we are a mold company, we provide consultation and reconstruction recommendations following mold prevention standards which are higher than current industry code.  We want to make sure that our clients are set up for success by having the right products installed in your home to prevent future mold growth.

For turnkey mold services in the GTA, you can trust mold.ca to take care of your commercial or residential mold remediation from start to finish. For handyman and reconstruction services in Toronto and the GTA, call 416-504-0333.