Mold Inspection

Mold & Moisture Inspection

If you suspect you have a mold problem the first step is to have a comprehensive mold inspection.’s inspection is designed to determine if you have a water issue – whether it’s from a leak, high levels of humidity or poor ventilation.   Mold growth is fuelled by water, humidity or poor ventilation which is why it is critical to determine why the mold is growing in the first place.

The mold and moisture inspection is focussed on identifying …

  • If you have a mold problem
  • If it is a significant mold problem or just surface mold
  • Why you have a problem
  • Options for solving the problem’s certified inspectors use thermal imaging camera’s, moisture meter’s and hygrometer’s to determine the nature of the problem. The inspection is non-invasive so there will be no damage done to your home or business. Our trained inspectors provide a transparent inspection providing you with a comprehensive assessment of the type of problems you may be having in your home or business.

During your inspection, we will provide you with the information you need to resolve your issue. If it is determined you have a minor problem, our inspectors will provide you with step by step instructions on how to address the mold problem yourself or through the use of a handyman. If it turns out you have a significant mold problem, our inspectors will walk you through the scope of work, costs, effort and process required to solve your mold issue.   In addition, we will provide a detailed written quote for all projects that we undertake.

Not all mold inspections are equal.  If you think you have a mold issue you want to make sure you get the right company with the right equipment to help answer your questions.’s job is to educate you on what is happening in your environment and provide you with practical advice on how to solve your mold issues.

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