Flood & Fire Restoration

Flood & Fire Restoration

If you’ve had a recent flood, significant water damage due to an unexpected leak, or have had a fire in your home, mold.ca can help you solve your problem. For fire and flood damage restoration services in Toronto and the GTA, call 416-504-0333.

Flood & Water Damage

Sometimes unexpected things happen and your best line of defence is to act quickly.  Under the right circumstances, such as a flood or burst pipe situation, mold can grow within 24 -48 hours.  Solving water damage issues in a timely manner can save you money and prevent a future mold issue.

Mold.ca is equipped with commercial drying equipment to help resolve your emergency water damage needs.  Our team can be on site quickly with the right equipment to dry out the affected area and our inspectors can provide you with the advice you need to get your living environment back to normal.

Fire Damage

If you’ve had a fire in your home and need to bring your home back to life and get rid of that lingering smell of smoke, mold.ca can revitalize your environment back to brand new.  Whether it’s a large fire or a small fire, the smoke damage can be significant leaving stains and the odour of smoke penetrating deep into the walls of your home.  Mold.ca’s certified inspectors can help you assess what can be salvaged and provide solutions to revitalize your home.

Graffiti or Weather Damage Restoration

Getting rid of unwanted graffiti or any other unsightly stains caused from weather damage or other factors can be hard to do without the right equipment.  Mold.ca can revitalize what’s important to you and bring your valuables back to life and looking brand new.  Our soda blasters are an effective and efficient way to revitalize wood, concrete, brick, aluminum and other substrates that need restoration.  Before you make the decision to replace something, consider contacting mold.ca to see if restoration is an option.