Interior Demolition

Interior Demolition

Are you planning to do a renovation? Hoping to build that dream kitchen, en-suite bathroom, or the perfect finished basement for entertaining? As with many things, the key to success is all about the preparation. While it may seem like an easy DIY project to take a sledgehammer to a room, sometimes it makes sense to let the professionals come in as there are more things to demolition than you might think.

Consider adding a step to your renovation plan and book a consultation with one of our certified inspectors to help you assess the environment for potential issues with mold or asbestos. If any concerns exist, we have the tools to obtain laboratory testing if required to ensure you are well prepared and informed before you begin your renovation project.

When you are ready to begin the demolition, our Certified Mold Remediation Contractors in the GTA are skilled in making sure your renovation area is prepared properly for your reconstruction needs. We have the right tools to make sure that only the desired areas are removed.  If there are specific items that you would like to salvage or re-use for your renovation, our team is equipped to carefully protect these valuable assets so they are ready for your reconstruction needs.  In addition to this, our team will set up the appropriate containment and protective coverings to keep the rest of your home separate and unharmed during your renovation project.  In the end, the right materials are removed and disposed of leaving an immaculate environment for your contractor to work with.

One of the largest complaints people have with doing a renovation is the dust. has the right skills and equipment to remove the old contents and prepare the environment so that the mess and dust in your home will be kept to a minimum.

Whether you’re doing the renovations yourself or hiring a contractor, you will find that our team is efficient, perform the highest quality of work, and will put you in a position to achieve success. For professional home renovations and expert interior demolition services in Toronto, York Region, Mississauga, and Durham, you can trust the experience and capable contractors of