Mold Inspection & Removal in Boats

Whether you have a powerboat or a sailboat specializes in mold assessment and removal. Our team’s experience, attention to detail and familiarity with the many compartments on a boat and the numerous special requirements make our team uniquely qualified to address any mold issues.

It is not uncommon for mold growth to occur on a boat especially when the boat has been in storage for 4-6 months of the year.  Often times the mold growth is occurring in hard to reach areas in the cabin(s), in the bilge area or other tucked away storage area’s that are typically not seen on a daily basis.

Particular treatment and knowledge of boats is required to undertake projects like these.  It is critical that your investment is treated with great care and respect.’s intimate knowledge of boats and mold assessment and removal makes your choice easy when looking for a quality service provider.

Our team of certified professionals also recognize the importance of being discreet.  Marina’s are full of on-lookers all curious to know what is happening.   Our team is trained to work in situations like these, respecting your privacy as well as your neighbours in the marina. offers a variety of marine cleaning services for yachts and powerboats of all types and sizes.  Contact us at 416-504-0333!
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