Bathroom mold, what should I do?

Everyone has had the unpleasant experience of seeing mold and mildew build up in the bathroom. The most common areas being the tiles in the shower, the ceiling and the creases of the tub.   In most cases a little bit of scrubbing with common household cleaners will do the trick and get rid of it. Unfortunately, after a few weeks it usually comes back. So, how do you know when it’s gone too far?

TIP # 1 – WHY does mold and mildew build up in the bathroom?

Water and moisture fuels mold growth which is why people see mold in bathrooms. An extraordinary amount of humidity is created every time someone takes a shower so naturally it is common to see mold and mildew in the bathroom.

TIP # 2 – HOW do you prevent mold and mildew from growing in the bathroom?

Your bathroom should have and exhaust fan or window – if it doesn’t have one, get one! The moisture in the bathroom needs to be vented out of the bathroom every time you take a shower. Which means running the fan (or opening the window) for 1 hour (during and after your shower).

TIP # 3 – WHEN do you know if you’ve past the point of no return and need a professional?

If you are noticing that the mold problem is persistent (ie. after regular cleaning it comes back quicker and it appears to be spreading) OR if there are any cracks or openings that would allow water to penetrate behind the walls, it may be time to call in a professional.

Most bathroom mold problems are easily managed when caught early. As long as you manage the humidity, fix any plumbing issues promptly and make sure there is no opportunity for water to penetrate behind the walls, everything should be fine. As always, when in doubt, call in a professional.

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