Tips for Preventing Mold Growth in Your Home

Mold is an unfortunate occurrence that happens in a lot of homes. Household mold can be caused by quite a few things, but the baseline is that if excessive moisture is left without being cleaned up, it will eventually cause mold to form. While mold can form in all homes, of course the older the house the more susceptible it will be to mold damage is water build up is left unchecked. Newer builds will have conformed to updated building codes, specifically in bathrooms and kitchens where moisture buildup is more common, these codes include mold-proof drywall boards, and more.

Thankfully there are steps as homeowners that we can take to help prevent mold build up. Some of these steps are pretty commonplace – like cleaning up spilled water right away – while some may slip by most homeowners.

Monitor the Humidity in Your House

We always think of cleaning up spilled water, but what about the moisture in the air? Especially on humid days, moisture in the air can be soaked up by exposed wood and drywall and can then cause mold. It is important to monitor the humidity levels in your house, and if necessary, use a de-humidifier to remove the excess moisture from the air to help prevent mold buildup.

Keep Your Windows Open on Nice Days

If it’s a nice and sunny day, open up your windows. This can create a breeze through your house and help remove humidity and moisture from the air.

Use Exhaust Fans While Showering

We all assume that the fans in washrooms are for airing out the smell – but they’re very useful removing moisture as well while showering or bathing. While having a shower, there can be a lot of excess moisture in the air which will buildup on the ceilings and walls. If this moisture gets in any cracks in the drywall or anything like that it can get missed and cause mold. By using the exhaust fan you can help expel the moisture and keep it from causing any mold damage.

Ensure that Your Yard had Proper Drainage

Outdoor moisture can cause major issues to your interior. If you have a buildup of water in the ground outside up against your house’s foundation, it can seep through any cracks in the foundation, and begin to cause mold issues. Make sure that your yard is properly drained to help prevent any water damage to your foundation.

Of course, going through the motions to prevent mold buildup is preferable, but unfortunately mold can be inevitable. If you suspect mold in your house, it is always recommended to have the mold professionally inspected. This will help to find all the mold in your house, and with professional mold removal you can be sure that the problem is completed remediated.