Are Pets Affected By Mold?

The effect of mold on the occupants of a home varies based on the type, amount of mold, each person’s immune system and their tolerance to mold species’. But what about our pets? Is mold potentially harmful to cats, dogs and other household pets? The answer is yes.

Animals much like humans can experience health related issues as a result of mold, however the symptoms and degree of the effects may vary depending on the type of mold, exposure and the animal’s immune system.

Past clients have reported to us their pets have had symptoms such as respiratory problems, runny eyes causing staining, skin rashes and dry coughs which miraculously disappeared after our remediation has been completed. Is this a coincidence? Perhaps, but not likely.

Whether you have mold or other toxins in your home it is prudent to consider non-toxic lifestyle choices fore a healthier home and healthier pets.

If you are an animal lover, like the team at, it is equally important to consider maintain a healthy living environment not only for the people in your home but your pets too!