– For Mold Removal in Toronto specializes in mold inspection, and mold removal in the Greater Toronto and surrounding area.  Our certified mold inspectors come prepared to assess mold issues in your home or business using the right tools for the job.  Every inspector has the ability to perform comprehensive mold and moisture inspections, air quality testing, and obtain samples for laboratory analysis.

In addition to our Toronto office that provides a full range of mold inspection, mold removal and air quality testing services in the GTA and south-central Ontario, we also have a Kitchener/Waterloo office located in Kitchener that serves Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge, and south-western Ontario. Our Kitchener Waterloo location provides the same outstanding mold removal and inspection service as our Toronto location. For more information on our inspection and mold remediation services in southwestern Ontario, please see HERE.

Not sure which service you need? Call the experts at (416) 504-0333! 

Our team is trained to provide a thorough inspection including finding the underlying reasons for mold growth. inspectors provide an honest assessment, consultation and education of mold issues and mold prevention. Our Toronto mold remediation and inspection company is there for our clients every step of the way; from mold testing and mold removal to consultation and reconstruction recommendations for preventing mold in the future. We also offer high-quality handyman services by reputable contractors who will undertake all reconstruction work to make your home as good as new.

Why Choose is committed to providing the best customer experience which includes protecting you and your investment.  Every individual is 100% certified to perform work in your home or business and we are fully insured to protect you, your property and our team.

We offer a comprehensive suite of services to meet all your needs when it comes to moisture and mold remediation services as well as a few extra services for our valued customers which makes a one stop servicing partner. Whether you need a professional mold inspection in Kitchener Waterloo or experienced mold remediation services in the GTA, are Ontario’s mold experts. Over the years, thousands of homeowners, real estate agents, and building inspectors have turned to for mold inspections in Toronto and Kitchener –Waterloo. We are trusted Ontario mold specialists, and our clients have come to rely on us for fast, efficient and comprehensive commercial and residential mold and air quality testing, mold removal and restoration services, no matter the size of property or the type of mold problem present.

Our team is professional and discreet, treating everyone with the respect you deserve.

Delivering prompt and courteous service, is a respected Ontario mold inspection company with many years of experience helping homeowners and businesses with mold detection and removal. We are proud to have received many great customer testimonials and recommendations about our work. Our Toronto Mold and Kitchener Mold teams are consistently ranked high for customer service. receives excellent marks and outstanding customer reviews on the top service company rating sites like HomeStars. – Toronto Mold Removal
For mold inspection & removal in Toronto contact Our specialists can help you with any mold related issue. We offer a full suite of mold remedial services in the GTA, including air quality testing, Mold removal and post mold-removal repairs. We also provide Toronto flood and fire damage restoration. As a top-rated Toronto mold company, our team of certified mold inspectors offer trusted professional mold remediation services to both residential and commercial clients across the GTA. For more information, please call the Toronto mold experts at (416) 504-0333

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Contact the experts! – Kitchener-Waterloo Mold Removal

For mold removal services and mold inspection services in Kitchener -Waterloo – has you covered. We offer professional mold inspections, mold testing and mold removal in Kitchener/Waterloo and area. We also do air quality testing, and provide full mold remedial services, including demolition and repairs.’s Kitchener-Waterloo mold inspectors provide comprehensive inspection and mold removal services in southwestern Ontario for both commercial and residential clients. If you suspect a mold problem, call the Kitchener-Waterloo mold experts at (519) 585-0333

Our Services

Mold Inspection

Suspect mold?  If you think you have a mold but you are not sure, contact us to get a thorough mold inspection to help you determine the options available to you. Left untreated, mold can damage your home and put your health at risk. Microscopic mold spores, invisible to the human eye, reproduce to create potentially serious health problems, especially for pregnant women, infants and children, asthmatics and those with compromised immune systems. Symptoms of mold exposure can include allergic reactions, rashes, flu-like systems, headaches, infections, toxic effects, and more. Trust our Ontario mold experts to help you create a healthy, mold free home for your family and a safe mold-free workplace for your employees.

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Mold Removal’s Certified Mold Remediation Contractors are specifically trained to remove mold safely, following IICRC protocols and standards and protect you and your home from cross contamination.

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Air Quality Testing

Concerned about the air that you’re breathing?  Contact to perform comprehensive air quality testing .  We test for mold, mold related bacteria’s and VOC’s (volatile organic compounds).

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Lab Testing only works with accredited laboratories to perform mold and asbestos testing and analysis.  Whether you want specific area’s or your entire home or office tested, can provide the service that you need.

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Interior Demolition

Planning to do a home renovation and need a clean slate to begin? is uniquely qualified to provide interior demolition services.  Our qualified team of professionals will take care of your demolition needs in a quick and efficient manner leaving you with a clean environment protecting the rest of your home from dust and debris.

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Flood/Fire Damage

If you’ve recently had a catastrophic event such as a flood or fire damage, is equipped to quickly solve your water/fire damage issues. We have the right tools to solve your emergency needs.

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Handyman Services understands the challenges consumers face in finding a contractor to restore their environment after a mold removal project.  In the spirit of providing a complete solution to our customers, also provides reconstruction services to our valued clients.

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Toronto: (416) 504-0333
Kitchener: (519) 585-0333