Condensation around your windows can lead to mold issues

Condensation around your windows can lead to mold issues

Do your window sils or frames around your doors look like this in the winter?  This is a clear sign that there is a water problem and for most, the likely culprit is high humidity in your home.   During the winter it is not uncommon for most people to keep their homes locked up tight and warm.  Unfortunately most people don’t monitor their humidity levels and if you keep your home too humid you can get condensation around window frames and doors.  When hot meets cold, you can get condensation.  And where there is condensation, there can be mold.  If left too long, this can become a significant problem that will need professional attention.

To save you time and money, if you see problems like this in your home you should try to address these types of issues quickly. Below are some helpful tips to help keep your home mold free.

1) be sure to let some fresh air into your home once in a while. Proper air flow and circulation go a long way to keeping your home smelling fresh and clean and mold free.

2) if you notice that there is excess condensation building up around your window’s and doors, make sure all vents surrounding the area are free of obstructions and are in good working order.  Also consider using your exhaust fans when cooking and showering.

3) consider purchasing a hygrometer so that you can measure and manage your relative humidity in your home.  In the summer months using a dehumidier can help to reduce your humidity.  In the winter months, opening some windows can usually bring the humidity down in your home.

4) try using soap and water to wipe off any surface mold that has built up.  If you’re finding that the mold keeps coming back or is not easily cleaned, it may be time to call in a professional to assess your issue.

If you’re not sure what the right course of action is, contact so we can help you assess your issue and provide you with the advice you need to stay on top of mold issues. When in doubt, call the professionals.